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Transfers and Duplication

Transfers and Duplication
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Take your old videotapes and have them digitally transfered to DVD, BluRay or other formats:
Home Movies (on videotape) 
Family Video's
Wedding Video's (including Jaland Video Productions 1984-2014)
Special Events
and for Business: Promotional, Marketing, Training , Trade Shows presentations and more
 Example: (1) 2 hour VHS videotape to 1 DVD, straight copy/no editing - $29.95, extra copies $10. each
Most popular source formats include:
High Definition (HD)
Super-VHS  S-VHS-C 
Digital 8
Video 8
Betamax (older format from the 80's)
and others
When supplying tapes for transfer:
1. Please have each tape labelled and include any additional notes
2. Various shorter tapes can be combined to a 2 hour Master DVD
(Example: (3) 30min tapes to 1 Master 2 hour max. DVD)  *additional fee
3. There is no editing of supplied video being transfered 
4. We do not duplicate any copyrighted material without consent of owner
5. Yes, your original tapes are returned to you with your order
6. Free Quotes (of course) I just need to know how many tapes, approximate run time of each tape and the tape format (VHS, Video 8, etc.)